The last of the summer heat has left and we are experiencing cooler nights and mornings. After the heat and activity of summer, the arrival of autumn is often met with a sense of relief and a gentle exhale. autumn leaves Nature marks each season by definite changes....
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The Abundance Bowl

With the school and work year now underway, and routines settled into, take some time to think about your food routines. You may have breakfast and dinners mostly sorted, but what about lunch? What habits or routines have you gotten into with lunch? As it’s the meal we are most often away from home, we...
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The Year of the Microbiome

I have been constantly amazed this year by how often the topic of the human microbiome has been in the media. All media, including print, TV, social, radio and podcasts have been interested in talking about it. Five or ten years ago, I don’t think many people would have even heard the term microbiome, let...
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My Top 10 Tips for a Healthy Christmas

The festive season  means different things to different people.  One thing that affects most of us though is increased demands on our time.  Although it can be a happy time, for many it is also a stressful time.  If you're feeling overwhelmed, here are some tips to help you survive the season with your health intact. Read more